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Welcome to the Tuskegee University Bioethics resources page. By clicking on the menu link below, you can find a variety of resources related to health law policy, biotechnology, and bioethics:

Publications: Here you will find a list of published works and articles written by staff and fellows.

Journal of Health, Science, & Humanities: The official journal for the Bioethics Center

Affiliate News: This section of the site lists updates about Tuskegee University Bioethics ventures and those of our affiliates, including media coverage and other announcements.

Tuskegee University Archives: Here you will find letters and other historical documents from the Bioethics center

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Juanita Roberts,
Director of Library Services

The Tuskegee University Archives has a particularly rich collection of materials related to Civil Rights activities. Throughout the Civil Rights Movement, Tuskegee University played a prominent role in the unfolding of events in America’s history during the twentieth century; the University served as a theater for historical events that had a major impact on America’s development during the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Modern era. Preservation and increased access to the University’s history is essential to the furtherance of the study of American history and Civil Rights history, and especially important is the study of humanities.

Since our website was installed, we have had over 500,000 hits, with approximately 45% of those from abroad. The website ( has a variety of sections specific to our archives, particularly, finding aids, databases (for collections, media, etc.), digitized photos, documents, audio and visual. There are many items that can be used by teachers from elementary school through college level including, PowerPoint, documents and visual media. We are proud to provide through the website a service to a variety of researchers and teachers.

Dana Chandler, University Archivist

The archives charge no fee for using the website or to access its collections. What fees are charged are for copies, photos and, in the case of commercial usage, fees for using images and documents. We have a room specifically for use by researchers with free Wi-Fi, microfilm and microfiche readers. The University Archives are open five days a week – Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  For information call: 334.725.2383 or go to our website at: