According to a ProPulica report, in recent years, young Black males are at a 21 times greater risk of being shot dead by police than their non-Hispanics White counterparts. So why are more Black males being killed? Not to say that it is good for anybody to die prematurely, especially to intentional injury due to gun violence. It is not! However, males have a higher rate of death due to gun violence.

Could it be psychological, where the police officers who are trained to shoot black targets, replicate what they do in training? After all, it is often said that we become what we repeatedly do. Is that true? If it is, more Black people will die as a result of police altercations. And if it isn’t true, then why are we still dying?

Do I support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement? Absolutely! However, laying on the ground may not be the best approach. My reason for saying this is that perception matters. If Black people, lay on the ground to make the, “that could have been me,” statement, then, in my opinion, that is what we will forever be seen as, dead women and men site sur pour viagra. We must change this image!

By no means, am I saying that we should sit still and do nothing. What I am saying is that we should stand up together and change the course of history. Let us form organized groups to take a multi-faceted approach to the problems that exist.

PicRoyan Reddie

Senior, Class of 2015

Biology Major

Tuskegee University