The 2017 Spring edition of The Journal of HealthCare, Science and The Humanities

The 2017 Spring edition of The Journal for Healthcare, Science and the Humanities (JHSH) includes peer-reviewed articles focused on the theme, “Healing the Family through Social Justice” which derived from lectures presented at the 2016 Public Health Ethics Intensive. Click here to download the 2017 Spring JHSH.

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The 2016 Spring edition of The Journal of HealthCare, Science and The Humanities

The Fall 2016 Journal of Healthcare Science and the Humanities offers
peer-reviewed scholarly work in Spanish and English.  The focus is “Making Latino/Hispanic Health Count: Advancing a Public Health Ethics Framework on Data Collection for Social Justice.”

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Come Visit the Bioethics Center and Tuskegee University

This is the nation’s first bioethics center devoted to engaging the sciences, humanities, law and religious faiths in the exploration of the core moral issues which underlie research and medical treatment of African Americans and other underserved people.

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Proceedings from the Feb. 5th-8th 2017 conference, “Examining Ethical and Other Implications for a Culture of Health in the Context of the Deep South.”

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Fulbright Farewell to Tuskegee

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Tuskegee University: Faith Week 2018

Fatih Week 2018 January 15-21, 2018... Read more

Educational Segregation: a Black and White Issue?

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Dr. Jacqueline Brooks Presented Award for Commitment to Youth

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The Reach of Church…

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The National Center for Bioethics In Research and Health Care has been awarded the Alabama NAACP Partner of the Year Award

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